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Thanks for stopping by at my simple place on the web! I am passionate about Information, and fascinated by the Digital Revolution that we experience in our lifetime. You will find here some things I wrote and links to presentations and publications. Sometimes they are in English, and sometimes in Dutch.

I am proud to work as a civil servant (something that is unfortunately a rare thing these days in the Netherlands). Therefore I  am happy to work as an Information Consultant for the City of Almere. More information about my professional career, expertise and interests can be retrieved from my LinkedIn page,

In the past years I have been fortunate to do presentations here in the Netherlands and in Belgium, but in far away Indonesia as well. You find them on my Slideshare page.

I have published quite some essays and articles in the past 15 years, and I have also written a nice little history book about my former chessclub in Amsterdam.

Especially interesting might be the issue of the Archievenblad in which I co-interviewed Luciano Floridi and in which I have written about Information Ethics. You can download it to click on the option "Extra Nummer" on the top of this page. You can also download my essay "Silicon Valley Meets Muller, Feith and Fruin" (in Dutch).

I also published some essays about the changing context and role of Records Managers. In COMMA, the magazine of the International Council on Archives, my article "The Metamorphosis of the Records Manager" was published. It is loosely based upon an earlier article in Dutch in which I use the wonderful essay of Alessandro Baricco: "I Barbari" as the starting point for an assessment of the transformation of the context and the identity of records managers.

I hope you will find the visit to my website interesting. I will try to update it regularly, and write some blogs.

Have fun in these exciting times!
Frans Smit

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